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Since 1999 lawyer Pamela H. Roth has represented clients in litigation matters including adoption, special education law and general civil litigation. With more than twenty years of litigation experience and a strong record of handling cases both large and small, Pamela Roth has the experience to protect your rights.

Whether you require legal help for an Adoption, Special Education, or General Civil Litigation matter, you can turn to Pamela H. Roth with confidence. To schedule your consultation, please call 202.445.4861.

When you hire The Roth Law Firm, you will receive professional legal service from intake through the conclusion of your matter. Pamela H. Roth will provide thoughtful, personal and aggressive representation.

Divorce, Custody, Adoption, Special Education Law, and General Civil Litigation.

The Roth Law Firm handles legal issues that include:

  • Domestic Adoption
  • Same-sex Couple Adoption
  • Relative Adoption
  • Adoption from the Foster Care System
  • International Adoption
  • Autism Education Law
  • Special Education Law
  • Custody
  • General Civil Litigation

A former JAG prosecutor with extensive litigation experience, Pamela H. Roth thoroughly investigates and prepares cases as if they will go to trial. Even though some cases are resolved prior to the courtroom, being fully prepared allows the firm to fully protect a client’s options.

To speak with an experienced attorney who can handle your case and get you the best result, contact The Roth Law Firm in Washington, D.C. at 202.445.4861.

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