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Special Education Updates – Observations

17 September, 2017 by admin in Blog
Parents of students with IEPs have the right to observe their children in school. Despite a change in the law in the District of Columbia some parents are still encountering obstacles when they seek to observe their children in their classroom. The Roth Law Firm can assist you with this issue. ... read more...

Adoptions in the District of Columbia – Some Important Facts

4 May, 2017 by admin in Blog
Did you know that there is no age limit on who can be adopted in the District of Columiba? Unlike many jurisdictions, the District of Columbia does not set an age limit on who can be adopted. Many jurisdictions limit adoptions to only minors. You can enter into an enforceable post-adoption ... read more...

Pre- Marital Agreements

17 April, 2017 by admin in Blog
Pre-marital agreements can eliminate the financial disharmony that may arise when a relationship is terminated by divorce. The complexity of such an agreement will depend on your situation and the assets held by both you and your soon to be partner. Before you enter into a permanent partnership ... read more...


27 March, 2017 by admin in Blog
On March 22, 2017 the United States Supreme Court issued an opinion affecting all special education students and their parents, and all school systems. In Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District,  Opinion No. 15–827,  the Court held that a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) ... read more...

Divorce – Settlement Agreements

12 March, 2017 by admin in Blog
Divorce can be very stressful. Parties can disagree about custody and visitation, alimony, child support and division of real property and other assets. The more a couple disagrees about how to end their union the more costly the litigation. There is another option. Couples can agree to resolve ... read more...

Special Education – Enforcing IEPs – District of Columbia

10 March, 2017 by admin in Blog
As a parent you are rightfully concerned that your child’s IEP is being implemented and that your child is receiving all of the services that are necessary for your child to access his or her education. The Roth Law Firm can assist you to ensure that DCPS is providing all of the services ... read more...

School Suspensions – District of Columbia

7 March, 2017 by admin in Blog
Has your child been sent home by his or her school without being suspended? DCPS schools have done this with some students and parents need to know that this is not legal. The school system cannot send a child home for a cool-off period or for any informal reason. Schools must issue a formal ... read more...


1 March, 2017 by admin in Blog
Ta.L. was decided in December 2016, requiring an evidentiary hearing for any parent that wants to fight a permanency goal change from reunification to adoption. Superior Court trial judges in the Family Court are now implementing this change causing significant delays in some pending adoption ... read more...

Divorce Basics

20 February, 2017 by admin in Blog
* Venue – Either you or your spouse must live in the state where you file for 6 months or longer. * Service – You must serve your spouse with the papers that have been filed on your behalf in order to start the proceedings. * Discovery – Both you and your spouse will have […] read more...


14 February, 2017 by admin in Blog
The District of Columbia recognizes no fault divorce. In order to initiate a divorce in the District one party must have been a legal resident for six months before filing the complaint. The parties must have lived apart by agreement without cohabitation/sexual relations for six months or for a ... read more...
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