• Divorce Law

Divorce Law

Divorce is stressful under any circumstances and it is important to have competent legal representation to guide you in the divorce process.

Division of personal and real property, child custody arrangements, and deciding who lives in the marital home are critical issues that must be resolved as part of a divorce. Some partners are able to resolve these matters amicably, but many are not able to do so. The Roth Law Firm can assist you in your divorce and help you decide whether the matter is best settled or litigated. The Roth Law Firm can draft a comprehensive settlement agreement or take your case to trial.

The Roth Law Firm practices divorce law in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Contact Pamela Roth for your office consult and learn how an experienced family law attorney can make the divorce process less stressful for you and protect your rights. The Roth Law Firm can meet you in offices in Maryland or in the District Columbia at a time convenient for you.

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